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Alter Solutions Capture the Flag 2019

Publié le lundi 27 mai 2019

The first ever Alter Capture the Flag (CTF) contest in Alter Solutions has completed on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 in our Paris office. From among the students and professionals who signed up, participants from the top 5 were given prizes.

1. bnancy 

2. Aikiri

3. T0T0r0

4. Coucou

5. ChocolatMouleAnchois

Scoreboard #AlterCTF2019

Our cybersecurity experts joined the occasion giving the participants some tips on how to tackle the hardest challenges.

Yann, one of our expert said:

 » We proposed to our #AlterCTF participants 15 different challenges with different level of difficulties, from the easiest to hardest ones in every five categories.

•  Web: flags were hidden in 3 small web site and were to be found using
various techniques ranging from very basic to harder ones (including
cryptography ;)).

•  Crackme: flags were embedded in some Linux ELF binary using various
obfuscation techniques.

•  PrivEsc: participants got SSH to access to some Linux accounts and should try to escalate their privilege in order to get the flag.

•  P0wn: participants had to exploit some Linux issue binaries to get
the flag.

•  Programming: participants had to develop a program solving efficiently
some algorithmic problem.

If you were present, thank you again for your participation and don’t hesitate to share (with #AlterCTF) some writeups of challenges you liked. 😀  »

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