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CYBER TIP OF THE WEEK #5 – Download your software from the publishers’ official website

Publié le lundi 10 décembre 2018


If you download content from websites that are not trusted, you take the risk to install malware on your computer. this can allow hackers to take remote control of your computer and, potentially, of onboard its systems, in order to spy, to steal your personal or professional data, or to launch attacks.
In this context, in order to ensure the security of your computer, your data, and the ship :

👉🏼do not download your software from sites with doubtful content. Favor reliable publisher websites ;
👉🏼 remember to uncheck all appropriate boxes to disable the installation of additional software ;
👉🏼beware of sponsored links ;
👉🏼 disable automatic opening of downloaded files


Sources @ANSSI and Cybersecurity Department

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