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Separate personal and professional uses – Cybertip n°3

Publié le lundi 19 novembre 2018


Uses and security measures are different on personal and professional devices (laptops, smartphones, etc.).
The use of personal devices in a professional context can affect the safety of a ship or company data (theft or loss of devices, intrusion, lack of control over the way devices are used, data leakage in case of departure of a crew member, etc.).

It is therefore recommended to separate personal and professional uses :

👉🏼  do not forward professional e-mails to personal mailboxes;

👉🏼  do not store professional data on personal devices (USB drive, smartphone, etc.) or on personal online storage tools;

👉🏼  do not connect personal removable media (USB key, external hard drives, etc.) to the ship’s or the company’s computers.


Sources @ANSSI and Cybersecurity Department

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