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Be careful on the internet – Cybertip n°4

Publié le mardi 27 novembre 2018

Take care of your digital identity and your personal and professional information. The information you leave on the Internet is no longer under your control. Malicious people can harvest your personal information without your knowledge in order, for instance, to guess your passwords, trap you with personalized emails, access your computer system, etc.


Limit the dissemination of your personal information on the Internet :

👉🏼  be cautious when requested to fill in forms; transmit only strictly necessary information and remember to uncheck the boxes that would allow the website to store or share your data ;

👉🏼 reduce to a minimum professional information on social networks, and be cautious about interactions with other users ;

👉🏼 regularly check your security and privacy settings ;

👉🏼  use multiple email addresses dedicated to your various Internet activities.


Be careful when paying on the internet. When purchasing online, your bank details are likely to be intercepted by hackers directly from your computer. Therefore, before making an online payment, it is necessary to check several elements on the website :

👉🏼 check the presence of a padlock in the address bar (note: this lock is not visible on all browsers) ;

👉🏼 make sure the address starts with «https://» ;

👉🏼 check that the address is correctly spelled.

As a general rule, never transmit the 4 digits PIN code of your credit card and do not hesitate to contact your bank to learn about secure payment options.
Sources @ANSSI and Cybersecurity Department

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